Sometimes you have visions of nights like this: nights where family and fellowship are evident and shared over a common interest; nights where like-minded individuals come together under one roof and share ways to grow and build together. When we first started on this journey two years ago, no one knew exactly where it would take us, we just knew this was one wave we couldn’t pass up.

BTWNWVS, short for “Between Waves”, is the story behind the first and only surf style Porsche RWB. VAST brand owner Sam Yang had a clear vision in mind. Build a one of a kind RWB. One that stood out amongst the other amazing RWB builds all around the world. From the custom passenger side surf rack and built in lock box to the complete ARC Audio sound system and period correct Porsche Motorsports Momo steering wheel, no detail was left unturned.

For the finale of the build, we had the honor of having Akira Nakai, automotive and motorsport legend, and owner of RWB, join us at Vast HQ.  It took two days for Nakai San to complete the final bits of this exhaustive project.  Staying hands-on and personally working on each RWB that is built is just one of the things that set Nakai aside, making him the legend that he is.

Two years after that day when Nanki tightened down the final screw on BTWNWVS, we have all the documented footage edited and ready to premier. We needed a proper place to display and tell the BTWNWVS story.  Enter Antenna Studio.

Antenna Studio is a byproduct of the same passion for cars and the lifestyle surrounding it. A place where like-minded automotive enthusiasts and creatives can come together to grow and collaborate, while also serving as a production house and studio for brands and professionals alike.

The idea was to openly invite industry friends and enthusiasts over, to preview the studio space and check out the build documentary. Not knowing what to really expect, we scheduled the premiere night for June 1st, 2018 and the rest was history.

One by one they started rolling in. A Porsche GT3RS, Mirage EVO VI Conversion, @911Cooled brought out his beautiful 911, and one after the other they began filling the lot. Enthusiast and creatives join together at the same place, just as we pictured it.

With the NA1 NSX on display next to the R35 GT-R, the interior Antenna Studio area was definitely vibey, with people enjoying the Idlers photography while taking their own pictures of BTWNWVS and the @LTMW RWB within the Infinity Wall studio.

It was great to see the space being used as intended, people speaking and collaborating, getting to know each other while admiring the things that brought us all there in the first place, the builds and stories behind them.

As the sun set and darkness crept in, Soph, VAST Brand Director, took to the mic and let everyone know the documentary would be starting shortly.

From beginning to end the crowd was engaged, enjoying the story of how this ordinary 1990 Porsche 964 C4 Cabriolet transformed into the one and only surf-style RWB, narrated by voice of Sam Yang, the the mind that curated this build. As the film ended, the crowd came to a roaring applause and you could see the smiles throughout the lot. It was in that moment we all knew that the entire journey was worth it.


To all the friends and family we met along the way, thank you for being a part of this story, thank you for coming out and supporting VAST and Antenna Studio, we can’t wait to share with you the other stories that will come out of here.

Till the next journey…

Words by: Apex Ish/Sam Yang

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