Ninja, Drake, Travis, and Juju

Ninja, Drake, Travis, and Juju

We need to talk about last night.

Ish has been constantly talking to me of how vital he feels we needed to incorporate video gaming and its culture to what we do. After all, we are dealing with cars because its a major part of us, but so is gaming. From late nights on Black Ops II, canyon runs on Need for Speed underground, of course Forza and Gran Turismo, you get it. We’re GAMERS.

At about 2 hours to midnight last night Drake, the rapper, Travis scott the rapper, and Juju Smith the footballer joined my favorite Twitch streamer Ninja for a few hours on Fortnite. What came from this is a clear representation of the power of the internet and influence. One tweet from Drake and suddenly Ninja broke the record of viewers with an astonishing record of 628k people watching him build forts with Drake. A shatter to the previous record held by Dr. Disrespect of 330k viewers on his return to Twitch. Below is a link for reference if you have some time to kill enjoy the laughs.

Last night video gaming and streaming went mainstream. Many people know about Twitch, (especially after last night) but it still fell under a sub culture because all though vast, you kind of had to be there to know about it. Now a days I catch myself between throwing on Netflix and watching a stream from my favorite gamers on Twitch, I never even liked watching my brother play as a kid, in 2018 people are paying others to play. Do you see the change?

Yesterday really changed the game for streamers, twitch and gaming in general. We are excited for what comes from this in the mean time well just enjoy all the memes.┬áIn all seriousness though, we want to congratulate Ninja on all his recent success. Ill go back to the days when he only had 7k viewers and was happy, it really couldn’t go to a more deserving streamer.

Lets get some GT Sport streams going!


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