During one of our recent trips to Japan, we had the opportunity to visit the famous Daikoku PA. Located in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Yokohama, this PA (parking area) is world known for its almost unlimited amount of automotive gold, meaning, plenty of GT-R’s and Japanese gems to salivate over, with the occasional exotic and euro/usdm tossed in the mix.

I feel one of the best parts of the tuning/driving scene in Japan is that it is so welcoming, no one really pushes you away and there is no real sense of elitism within the community. Having said this, we took our time looking at everyones tastefully tuned rides.

As a Subaru fan myself, I was stoked to see this group of WRX/STi’s hanging out after some wangan driving.

The unavoidable truth is that no one is truly bulletproof and sometimes the wangan decides to show her more dangerous side. We were told the driver of the Porsche survived with just a few bruises and scratches but the same can’t be said for the car.

Even though the night was cloudy and sprinkling, the nights turnout was great.

Daikoku PA is definitely somewhere you want to visit more than once, guaranteed we’ll be visiting again soon! What would you like to see on our next visit?

Till next time!



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